Debt Collection Interest Rate Calculator

NetLaw gives you quick and easy calculation of interest rates in many Australian Court Jurisdictions.
  • Interest over multiple years and past interest rates.
  • Takes into account Leap Years.
  • Print out the results.
  • Completely FREE to use.
Click Here to Calculate Interest

Court Jurisdictions included are:

  • VIC Penalty.
  • Vic Cash Rate.
  • QLD Pre-Judgement Court.
  • QLD Post-Judgement Court.
  • NSW Local Court Pre-Judgement.
  • NSW Local Court Post-Judgement.
  • NSW District/Supreme Court.
Click Here to Calculate Interest

NetLaw is updated after national interest rate rises, or every 6 months when the rate for some jurisdictions change. If you spot an out-of-date interest rate, please contact us at We use for our timesheets, as well as google docs for storing documentation.

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